Bear the Load


Romans 15: 1-7

In Christ, we’re free
But cautious should be
Toward others.


Judging seems the easy part
However, freedom from the heart
Nurtures sisters and brothers.


God gave parameters for what not to enter in:


All else may be disputed.


We agree to disagree
And leave to those in authority
To approve or refute it.


So appease the weak
Not pleasing yourself as you speak
Not tearing down, but building others up.


Jesus takes brunt for us
Of words that are an affront to us
They fall on Him.  That is His cup.


Let’s help bear the load
For those who walk the road
After the One heaven-sent.


Scripture cites endurance.
We need no other assurance
Than our Creator’s encouragement.


He passes hope to us.  In a voice of one
Praise the Father,
Spirit,                                                                                                                             Son.


Copyright 2017 margaretportergriffin

Photo: Church of the Beatitudes, Galilee





Ezekiel 37: 1-3, Matthew 24: 32-34, Acts 2:19-20

Wonders in heaven and signs on earth
Will show us when the time is near
The fig tree, Israel, will bloom
A notice that summer will soon be here.

God once showed Ezekiel bones
Away, deep down in a valley
The heap was the nation of Israel
The prophet translated what was to be.

Our Maker will bring them back, these bones
Life and Spirit breathed on them
Israel will be in its land
A formidable force once again.

Should we be afraid?  No.  He is Lord
With complete control over all
Israel, finished?  No, the people
Had suffered just another fall.

God’s reasons we don’t understand
But He gave us seasons to show
His chosen’s return when they approach
For one last time, the foe.

Know that we are part of the plan                                                                          Stand safe, confident
Do your best.  Do all you can.                                                                                   He will show us what He meant.

Follow His commands and show His love
Each moment in His Son’s light
Instead of darkness.  Like His people
To the end, keep up the fight.

Copyright 2017 margaretportergriffin

Image result for fig tree

A fig tree.




God wrote on stone

His own



Before Moses could reveal them,

The people God chose turned against Him

And made golden idols.


Moses stood with God again

On the same mountain

For forty days and nights.


The Lord made a convenant

By Moses sent

To Israel.


“You shall have no other gods before Me

You shall not make idols

Or misuse My Name.”


“You shall keep the Sabbath holy

Honor your fathers and mothers

Never murder.”


“You shall not commit adultery

Steal or lie

You shall not covet.”


Later His Son added,

“Love your neighbor as yourself.”


Copyright 2017 margaretportergriffin


Photo: replica of the Seat of Moses in Israel


Ezekiel 10: 18-23


God was forgotten.

His glory left

The temple’s rubble

With no one bereft.


He rose from the threshold

And stopped just above

The cherubim.

Where was the love


The people had had

For the Most High?

Not one showed it

Not even a sigh.


Winged creatures and wheels

Flew to the gate

God’s glory over them

His power innate.


Again, nothing.

No protest

The Creator was leaving

The people He’d blessed.


Who’d worship Him now,

And where?

The temple was empty

The land in despair.


East of the city

He stopped at a mount

His people carried off

Seventy years forward to count.


God wouldn’t return

Till the moment His Son

Walked the road

To Jerusalem.


Copyright 2017 margaretportergriffin