Genesis 12: 1-9


God said to Abram, “Go to this land.”

He didn’t argue.  He just went

And stopped at a tree where the Canaanites lived

He didn’t think twice.  He pitched his tent.


God said the land would go to his children

Abram didn’t ask God what that meant

He didn’t argue, but built an altar

And never questioned the Father’s intent.


God called an old man, childless, with a past

God spoke, and Abram did as He said

Open to change, rather than scheming

Or making some other plans, instead.


A momentous risk, but this was the LORD

Jehovah, Great, Magnificent One

The highest name, Creator adored

Who, too, was willing to give up His Son.


Afraid?  Yes, Abram was

But he believed the LORD would show him the way.

He didn’t argue, but rather trusted

His family would find a home to stay.


Will you listen, set aside

Everyone, everything, arguments forsaking

Your wants, your “must haves,” and your pride

God simply at His Word taking?


Abram did.








One Thing Counts

Galatians 5: 4-6; Matthew 23:13; Luke 6: 1-11; Daniel 7:13

We believe.
We love.
We act.


Find what to do for others
Forget the human rules
Are people hungry, are they sick?
Go to them, unlike fools


Who delay because of custom,
Self-righteousness, or law
It will obstruct the way to heaven
To fall to this great flaw.


The disciples, in a grain field
Picking heads of wheat
Rubbed kernels on the Sabbath Day
To have some food to eat.


The Son of Man declared that
Of the Sabbath He was head
He referred to David in God’s house
Sharing holy bread.


This didn’t follow mishna
Or what the leaders taught
Their concern was not the people,
But what each other thought.


Did the Pharisees love God?
Were their actions holy, pure?
No, concerned about themselves,
They shut the kingdom’s door.


The facade of looking righteous
Came first, to God’s dismay
Not sacrifice, but mercy
Should have been shown that day.


Their learned eyes were clouded
Absorbed in judging men
Instead of showing Jesus’ heart
It was easier to condemn.


“His dominion will not go away…
It will never be destroyed.”
And if God is exalted
This will fill all void.


When we love our neighbors as ourselves:
Sharing sorrows, joys, needs
We will be the ones whom
The Holy Spirit feeds.


Compassion is the only thing that really counts.




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Food for the Hungry; Ameya, Nicaragua

Heart of Wisdom

Psalm 90, Proverbs 2


Make the effort to be wise

Wonder how? Vow

To open your eyes.

Want it intensely.


Accept God’s words, store His commands

Turn an ear, apply your heart

Call out and search, to understand

What fear of the Lord is.


Walk the same way as good men

Pay attention to those around

Stay out of the way of temptors and sin

Talk and walk upright.


Regret’s cause is lack of wisdom

As every effect is due to something

Make it your ploy to have none

At the end of earthly life.


We are bid hidden treasure to find

So do as Solomon first desired

Train your mind

Seek a heart of wisdom.




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On Our Hearts

Deuteronomy 6: 4

Group 1:
Where are God’s commandments?
On whom should we impress them?
When should we discuss them?
How should we tie them?
Where should we bind them?


Group 2:
On our hearts.
Our children.
At home and on the road.
Lying down and getting up.
On our hands and foreheads.



We will tell our children
We will pass on our faith
In Him.

They will know God
Because they see His name on our gates
And doors.


Left at the edge of the Promised Land

Israel’s children heard Moses

Tell them again of the grandeur of God

The only One.


That they should love Him with all of their hearts
Soul and strength, endless length
Obeying Him would set them apart
Believing in His promise.

By His covenant they should live
From His Commandments never stray
Or like other nations
Be given to sin.


So speak of the Lord at night and before

Tie His words to your hands and your door

Resting, walking, sitting, talking

And your children will remember.


Copyright 2017 margaretportergriffin


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Genesis 13: 10-18

Did God give men rights when He created?
It has been discussed and often debated
A nation founded by God-fearing men
Who acknowledged the One who endowed them
With certain rights, inalientated
That life and liberty not be abated
We’re supposed to be free.


And the rights named, in a document, a bill
What are those, and whose will?
Should we be able to meet, bear arms,
Speak out about ill-meaning leaders with charms?
Go back to Abraham, the patriarch
Examine decisions that made a mark
On history.


Abraham desired to do what was right
He gave in to his kin, not wanting to fight
For the better land with a wealthier yield
And took his own tents to less fertile fields.
He trusted only in God’s wisdom
Moving his tents where the Father told him
Faith, not fight.


We can learn from Abraham, who found
What would be his descendants’ ground
Before there was even one child, one birth
Their number foretold as the dust of the earth
Abraham believed what the Lord said
Honoring Him at all times, good and bad
In the end, more important than any right.


Copyright 2017 margaretportergriffin