Sometimes the rejecting ones are those who never should have been

That’s hard to take.

Why would God’s people be against Paul?

Maybe they believed a lie.


The Bereans accepted and loved the apostle

Who walked and walked to spread the Good News

They saw enlightenment

That came from closeness with the Lord.


So listen and learn

See if what Paul says is true

The Bereans did

And were blessed.


Mosaic at Berea, Greece, commemorating Paul’s time with them.Image may contain: 3 people


Place of Prayer

The Macedonian call was sent by God

So Paul and his companions went

To a Roman city there

And, outside the gate, a place of prayer.


With those listening to the good news

At river’s edge on the Sabbath Day

Was a purple-seller named Lydia

From Thyatira.


Her heart was opened by the Lord

She answered; her house also

When they learned what should be done

They were baptized, one by one.


Then by the flowing, shaded stream

The merchant bid the godly men

“Come and stay at my home,”

If they would consider her one of them.


They did.  Lydia became

The first convert in Europe by name

By peaceful water in a setting fair

Still today, a place of prayer.