Romans 15: 1-7

In Christ, we’re free
But cautious should be
Toward others.


Judging seems the easy part
However, freedom from the heart
Nurtures sisters and brothers.


God gave parameters for what not to enter in:


All else may be disputed.


We agree to disagree
And leave to those in authority
To approve or refute it.


So appease the weak
Not pleasing yourself as you speak
Not tearing down, but building others up.


Jesus takes brunt for us
Of words that are an affront to us
They fall on Him.  That is His cup.


Let’s help bear the load
For those who walk the road
After the One heaven-sent.


Scripture cites endurance.
We need no other assurance
Than our Creator’s encouragement.


He passes hope to us.  In a voice of one
Praise the Father,
Spirit,                                                                                                                             Son.


Copyright 2017 margaretportergriffin

Photo: Church of the Beatitudes, Galilee




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