Yahweh Knows Best

I Samuel 16

Yahweh called Samuel to find the next king

Rejecting the old with his shiny gold ring

“Be on your way to Bethlehem town,”

“I come in peace,” said the prophet renown.


Jesse’s sons passed them by, striking men all

“Not this one, or that one, or the eldest or most tall.”

“Have you another?” he asked him. “Just one –

He’s tending the sheep and he’s still very young.”


“Rise up and get him – he will be appointed!”

The brothers all witnessed the small one annointed

Not the biggest, or strongest, or handsomest face

God chose from the inside, which men could embrace.


The Lord does not look at what we would impart

Yahweh knows best.  He looks at the heart.

Yahweh knows best.  He looks at the heart.


Now, in our own time, when ready to judge

Or recommend choices, giving even a nudge

Don’t be superficial or look on the outside

At the package the man or the woman has tried.


However pleasant, see what God sees

And listen, like Samuel: Ask the Lord on your knees.

What would He have?  What really counts?

Look for goodness and charity in the greatest amounts.


God does not look at what men would impart

Yahweh knows best.  He looks at the heart.

Yahweh knows best.  He looks at the heart.


 Copyright 2016 margaretportergriffin


Wide, Long, High and Deep


Ephesians 3: 17-19


Try to grasp the love of Christ

Filling with the fullness of

Being even more sufficed

Than all of knowledge ever known.


Knees beneath him bent in prayer

The brave apostle asked for power

And for the saints who toiled there

To try to understand this love.


How wide?  How long?  How high and deep?

Parameters that have no end

The love of Christ will help us keep

The deep dark cavern sin away.


With inner being Spirit filled

Deeply rooted in His love

Protected by the faith-lined shield

Gone is what would fear be of.


Copyright 2016 margaretportergriffin


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Is reward waiting at the end of the path?
What reward? Which path?
Wealth and fame
Punctuate the path of the world.
Everlasting life
Concludes the path of God.
The first is easy, the second is not.
Making sure I am first will get me noticed
Making sure others are first will show I am wise.
I want to enjoy life now
But if I wait, I affirm God’s will.
I can laugh now, with the crowd
And weep after, ruined on the wide path.
I can weep now, and pay a price
Then leap with joy, down the narrow path.
Which is better?

Copyright 2015 margaretportergriffin

Every Day


(Acts 3: 1-10)

A man at the gate

Every day

Was placed on the ground

In the people’s way.


He hoped that, there,

He’d draw some pity

From wealthy ones

Who came into the city.


Silver and gold

Was what he asked

But not what he needed –

That was masked.


Peter and John

Went through the gate

Considered the beggar

And changed his fate.


God’s power transformed him

So he could stand

And walk the first time

Like any man.


He asked for money

But received much more

And, then, rejoicing,

He praised the Lord.


When you see others

Asking for change

Do you want to help them

Succeed long-range?


If you do, remember

What truly assists:

It won’t be coins

From a flick of our wrists.


But relationships

That they can form

With the right people steering them

Close up, and warm.


Getting right with the Lord

Finding His path

Instead of consistently

Drawing His wrath.


Give a hand, help them up!

Let them know

Of those who’ll help them,

In places you know.


God has provided

The means and the way

For us to make a difference

Every day.


Copyright 2016 margaretportergriffin


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Not Even a Goat


Luke 15: 11-32

The older son mad, but his his father, glad

The younger son given a robe, shoes, and ring

Celebration thrown, delegation sent out

“The fatted calf roasted — we will eat, dance, and sing!”

Why would he do it?  The young man raked through it:

His share of inheritance, family estate

Wasted so fast, impossible to last

Feeding pigs for a farmer had become his fate.

The boy returned, lesson learned

He would say he had sinned against Heaven and Father,

Who couldn’t wait as he come through the gate,

Running to welcome him back as no other.





Did I get!  Or a coat!”

The older brother complained to his dad

“I worked for you hard all these years not transgressing

Why celebrate now and act like you’re glad?”

“All I have is yours, it is true,” you know this

His father said, “Here, on our ancestors’ ground.

But your brother, dead, is alive instead

Squandered all, and was lost, but now has been found!”

There is on this earth no man who can judge

Those who have erred and then repented

The Father will do what needs to be done

No matter what words and deeds have been vented.

“Not even a goat!” rose from his throat

He thought he’d been taken advantage of.

The objection, “Not fair!” thrown out to the air —

Was inconsequential compared to God’s love.

He needed to follow his brother’s lead

Instead of taking the scene as a threat

Forgiven?  The prodigal was, right away

When he returned and showed his regret.

Be wary of placing a judgment on others

For life manifests in ways hard to endure

Trust in the Father, the only One

Who truly can see if a heart is pure.

Copyright 2015 margaretportergriffin


Photo: Nazareth Village near the town of Nazareth, Israel.


In Order

“I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received.”  (Ephesians 4: 1)



“Over all, through all, in all,”

There is One God at the base of our lives

If we will prioritize

The most important to the least.


Think about it:

Order your days

To honor and praise

The Author of love and peace.


Mimic His humility, His gentleness, His patience

In the Spirit unified

Because Christ died

To save the world from grief.


“One” written times seven

A word small but essential

Will make our days full

If we choose to believe.


So bound

We are urged

To be purged

Of any other chief.


One God and Father

Over all, sovereign —

By His mercy our sin

Is released.  God is Most High.


Copyright 2015 margaretportergriffin


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Luke 9:35: “This is my Son, whom I have chosen; listen to Him.”



Witnessed power

On the mountain.



James, and John

Saw Jesus changed.


The Chosen,

The law, and the prophet

Shone with glory.



They spoke of His

Departure from the earth.



Shielded by a cloud,

Revealed who Jesus was and is.



Was left alone

To carry out His Father’s plan.


Copyright 2016 margaretportergriffin


Photo: sun behind a hill at En Gedi Oasis, Israel.