Say the Word


DSCN2458(Luke 7: 1-10)

A man in authority knows his command
Will be followed. Those beneath him understand
And trust him.

Some men were sent by such a one
From Capernaum, a centurion
Whose servant neared death.

The Roman, they reasoned, was their friend
He loved their nation, and to that end
Had built the synagogue.

He could have sent soldiers, but did not
The servant’s healing was what he sought
He believed.

The elders came to Christ, and pleaded
It was proper, they said, to do what was needed
They owed it to the man.

Then the centurion sent friends to say he didn’t deserve
To meet the Healer and ask to preserve
The servant’s life.

“Say the word,” was the message he gave
He knew Jesus could keep his servant from the grave
Because of who He was.

“‘Go,’ or ‘Come,’ or ‘Do this,’ I say, and
Because of authority men obey
My words.”

Jesus turned, looked over the crowd
Showed His amazement, at once, out loud
At the trust of the outsider.

Faith this great, even in Israel
He’d never found, and went on to heal
The dying man.

Who is welcomed by our Lord?
Both insiders and outsiders may afford
To join the family.

We must first understand the meaning of
Our Savior’s mercy and His love.
“Say the word.”


Copyright 2015 margaretportergriffin


Photo: The synagogue at Capernaum,”Town of Jesus.”



Manger Scene


The newborn
Peacefully breathing in and out.

His mother
And considers what has happened.

A miracle for all people.

A Son
Like Himself
And like us, too.

Heavenly vision
In rhythm
With the world’s story.


Copyright 2015 margaretportergriffin


Photo: Bethlehem (shepherds’ fields in foreground)


No One


(John 10:27, Romans 8:29)

Yahweh holds us in His hand
Before our births, it was planned: Unfailing love.

He knew we’d sin, daughters and sons
The author of grace, providing for ones
Who would fall.

Who does that mean?
To you and me, who have seen
Trials and temptations.

“I fell!” you say.
“Well,” He says, Not OK —
But I will show mercy for that.”

“Obey me — get on the track
Ask forgiveness, and come back
To My Ways.”

Obey?  We say, “Do we have to?”
But we find it’s what we want to do.
Because we’re free.

I’ve learned to love God more, you see                                                                                For no one but Him                                                                                                                      Has hold of me.


Copyright 2015 margaretportergriffin


Photo: En Gedi oasis in Israel

In Those Days

Lyrics for a song…


(Luke 2)

At the emporer’s decree

Two people left Galilee

And made the long journey to Bethlehem.


Joseph took his promised wife

Who was about to give new life

There was no one who waited to meet and welcome them.


They had gone to be counted

Among the kingdom which amounted

To the greatest that had yet been on the earth.


In those days, that’s how it was

And it had to be, because

The world was now ready to behold the Savior’s birth.


Prophecy was coming true

For me and for you

In those days.


He took his first breath in a stable

And as well as was she was able

Mary wrapped the Son of God in swaddling clothes.


Animals stood around

On the stable’s dusty ground

Next to the One who would save us, when He died and arose.


Angels came to the shepherds

Surrounding them with astounding words

Which heralded the long-awaited King.


And the shepherds went to meet Him

To marvel and to greet Him;

A humble beginning for the Holy Human Being.


His kingdom will last forever

All others being severed

No more need to be counted for any earthly thing.


In these days, we praise

Emmanuel, the Son of God

Who came to us in those days.


Copyright 2014 margaretportergriffin


Photo: the shepherds’ field outside of Bethlehem



(Hebrews 1:14, Joshua 5:14, Isaiah 6:2, Acts 12:15, Matthew 13:49, Luke 1:19, Hebrews 13:2, Revelation 5:11)

Mighty army led by God
Beings of Heaven on this sod
Some bring news while others fight
Some protect and guard the right.

Heavenly host misunderstood.
Unlike models carved of wood
Some with wings, some without
Fulfilling orders all about.

In God’s presence angels stand
Poised to visit heathen land
Invisible or human form
Descending helpers, friendly storm.

They announced the Savior’s birth
As one voice, “Peace on Earth!”
But in end times, the task most sad
Separating good from bad.

Mighty army led by God
Host of Heaven sent to this sod
Tens of thousands multiplied
Stand with Yahweh, hell denied.


Copyright 2015 margaretportergriffin


Photo: A rock formation in Israel suggests to me the strength of angels.