Do Tell


“Go tell it on the mountain…”

“I love to tell the story…”

The memory’s ingrained phrases share

Christ’s incarnate glory.


It was the wonderfully worthy news

The world had waited for!

Jesus breathed his humble first

God wrapped in flesh: our Savior.


I sing the songs about Him

But how often do I tell?

With this mercy for our souls

I should be as a ringing bell.


“Ascribe to the Lord His greatness”

Also means to His Son

And to our helper, Holy Spirit

The Godhead Three in One.


Christmas is a time of joy

When friends and families visit.

Without a whisper of the Christ,

What kind of worship is it?


“Fear not, I am with you,”

He will help with what to say

If you have made plain your faith

And seek the Christian way.


Bear witness to the baby

Who changed our lives one night

He would grow up to be sacrificed

And become our guiding light.


In the comfort of this season

With its beautiful surround

Do tell about God’s love for us

Yahweh, who touched the ground.


Copyright 2015 margaretportergriffin


Photo: Bethlehem, just outside the city of Jerusalem.





The Bottom Line


(Romans 14: 1-13)

“What” doesn’t matter as much as “who”
So many things can be disputed
Our direction is to love the Lord
This will never, ever be refuted.

Treat each day special for His sake
Eat, or not, but not on a whim
Speak, or refrain from it —
In everything, glorify Him.

The customs of this earth
May prove futile times seven
God will take care of judging others
He will, in His time, in Heaven.

Look to the Scriptures to discern
What it is He says is wrong
Being careful that you don’t throw out
A block for another to stumble upon.

“None of us lives to himself alone
And none of us dies to himself alone.”
Romans 14:7

God is God; God is Love. Love God.


Copyright 2015 margaretportergriffin


Photo: Capernaum, where Jesus spent most of His ministry.

Trusted Father

Genesis 22

“Where is the lamb? Isaac asked
“God will provide it,” came the answer, unmasked
The faith required by Abraham was large.
As the son looked into the father’s eyes
There was no fear, no surprise
Each believed in the one in charge.

Beside the altar, on a mountain they stood
Abraham planning a fire with wood
That Isaac had carried on his back.
In his hand he gripped a knife
Ready to use, to take his son’s life
Of his trust in God, there was no lack.

Soon it would be an unthinkable scene.
God would do this? What did He mean?
The violent slayng of flesh of one’s flesh.
Abraham didn’t question why
Keeping to the directions he began by.
With no fear or notion of redress.

A father lifted his son to the stage
Tied so he couldn’t, but wouldn’t engage
In protest.
Both knew
There was something greater than what they could do
Leaving this to God was best.

At the moment of anguish, the true test of faith
A ram appeared in the brush to replace
The human sacrifice.
The LORD’S angel, to Abraham’s joy,
Called out, “Do not lay a hand on the boy!”
And saved him from paying the ultimate price.

“Henini! I’m here!” Abraham said
When he could have desisted, resisted or fled.
The Lord will provide
Was the lesson unflawed.
Isaac trusted Abraham; Abraham trusted God.
How strong is your faith? You will decide.


Copyright 2015 margaretportergriffin

The Heart of Jesus

DSCN3049(Luke 6: 37-45, James 3:11)

Press down the grain, showing,
Shaking, filling the measure
To overflowing
Into your lap.

What you give
Comes back
Telling how you live
Is it above, or just even with, the rim?

People err
So blatantly that it seems intentional
Causing some to glare
And judge quickly.

But no, forgive
Because the Lord forgave first.
Like Jesus, live
Taking the board out of your eye.

A good tree’s fruit is good
And good, stored in the heart
Manifests into deeds it should
Which all may see.

Grapes coming from a brier?
A fig from thorns? They can’t
The just response begins higher
It comes from God.

Fresh and salt water don’t start at the same spring
Make your words and actions fresh
Not judgmental, but forgiving
Like the Lord’s.

Love your enemies.  In so doing
You show the heart of Jesus.


Copyright 2015 margaretportergriffin


Photo: date palm tree, Israel.


The Return

(Ezekiel 37: 1-3, Matthew 24: 32-34, Acts 2: 19-20)

Sights in the sky and signs below

Will show us when the time is near

Like a fig which starts to bloom

His coming, finally, will be here.

Ezekiel saw a heap of bones

Piled deep in valley land

And beloved Israel transformed

Deftly by the Maker’s hand.

God bringing back the lifeless limbs

Breathing Spirit through them then

A nation, home, in her own land

A force to reckon with again.

Should we fear?  Our Shepherd King

Ever watching over all

Has told us that the final days

Will signal Satan’s second fall.

God loved so much He gave His Son

Who rescued us from sin and Hell

End times began as He left Earth

And rose to Heaven where He would dwell.

The reasons we can’t understand

But trust God to direct, and show

Christ’s return, when He will face

One last time the heinous foe.

Our Father controls — be confident

We will see what’s been His plan

Know Israel is a part of it

Do your best, because you can.

Keep His commands, show His love,

Spend all your minutes in His light

Run from darkness, and like Israel

Own always the courageous fight.

Photo: Megiddo Valley in Israel

Pleasing the Father


(Mark 11: 1-11)

Cousin of Jesus standing in the river
Sent by God with words to deliver
Then Jesus came.

Perfect One, the Son didn’t have to
He came to show us just what we should do
In His name.

Cousin who held his kin
Gently pulled Him in
Beneath the water.

A burst of light and a simple dove
And God said, “This is my beloved Son
Who pleases me.”

Cousin of Jesus standing in the river
Baptized men to show love for the Father
Even His only Son.

Cousin who had cried
In the wilderness for the One who lived and died
For our sins.

Cousin of Jesus standing in the river
Showed the way that we might someday
Be with the Father.

And He will say, “This pleases Me”
He will say, “This pleases Me”
Cousin of Jesus standing in the river.

Photo: the Jordan River, Israel

Closing the Circle


(Genesis 22:1-19, James 2: 21-24)

Abraham believed the truth God told

In the book of Genesis, the story of old

His faith was just the beginning part

A place not to stop, but rather, to start.

The patriarch trusted, without understanding

Why it was Isaac God was demanding

His trust in no way on self would depend —

Abraham acted, and God called him friend.

Though it meant risking the life of his son,

Abraham had faith in the Almighty One,

Turned his back on what he might have controlled,

And showed who he was with a move more than bold.

So it was that The Great I Am

Tested his obedient servant, Abraham

Then blessed his line with a new nation

The chosen people of His creation.

Today, we dare not greet others, “Be clothed and fed!”

That is evidence our faith is dead.

We must rather justify what we believe in

And get busy, the world not to grieve in.

Faith needs to be active; it should be alive

So look for those who need help to thrive,

Spending time in prayer to ask for direction

Always ready to share His perfect affection.

I want God to call me His friend.

Don’t you? Today? And in the end?

In the circle of faith Abraham completed,

Sin, Death and Satan, all — are defeated.

Photo: Temple Mount, Jerusalem