Blitz of the Common Era


How did this happen?


In the space of a few years

A standard erased.


“What does BC stand for?”

I’d ask my class.

Before Christ came the answer

Everyone knew.


Now, I find Before Common Era

Has replaced Before Christ




A few thousand years of reverence,

Yes, reverence, and reference

Is gone



And AD?  Most didn’t know

The Latin

Anno Domini

In the Year of Our Lord.


But I always told them

To dispel

The usual interpretation

After Death.


Far worse is now

BCE sneaks

And replaces

The name of GOD’S SON.


Common Era?


We live in an uncommon era,

To tell the truth.


No respect for


No acknowledging

The One who saved us all.


The blitz was inobtrusive.

It was sly.

Very much like the work

Of a snake.








Climbing Mars Hill

Acts 17: 22-31


“Men of Athens!” Paul discerned

For those distinguished minds who learned

Current views, philosophy now old

Which we call classic, then just told.


First, a compliment.  He would say

They were religious, in every way

He noticed how they displayed

Their objects of worship.  And Paul stayed


And went on — he’d seen alone

An altar to a god unknown

“What you worship,” he explained

To those listening, “I proclaim


Is the God who made the world

And everything in it

He is Lord of heaven and earth

He does not live in temples made by hands.”


He needs nothing, but gives all life,

From one man, to inhabit earth.

He marked out their appointed times

So they would seek, reach and find.


Though He is not far away

From any of us, on any day.

Our being, our lives, are in God

We are His offspring, as your poets said.


So, since we are His offspring

We should not think the divine being

“Is like gold or silver or stone

Or an image made by human design…


He commands people everywhere to repent

For He has set a day to judge the world

By the man

He has appointed.”


For the logical men

The apostle’s conclusion then, was

“He has given proof of this to everyone

By raising Him from the dead.”


The steps up the hill are worn with time

Slippery, uneven stones to climb

Easier is the walk built by hands

To the summit overlook of Macedonian lands.


If education makes you a better man

Or woman — Can

It save your soul?

Then what good?


The beginning of knowledge: respect for God

So for all who have this soil trod

The question requires an answer still

How would you climb Mars Hill?



Original steps leading to Mars Hill in Athens, where Paul talked about God with philosophers.