Ezekiel 37: 1-3, Matthew 24: 32-34, Acts 2:19-20

Wonders in heaven and signs on earth
Will show us when the time is near
The fig tree, Israel, will bloom
A notice that summer will soon be here.

God once showed Ezekiel bones
Away, deep down in a valley
The heap was the nation of Israel
The prophet translated what was to be.

Our Maker will bring them back, these bones
Life and Spirit breathed on them
Israel will be in its land
A formidable force once again.

Should we be afraid?  No.  He is Lord
With complete control over all
Israel, finished?  No, the people
Had suffered just another fall.

God’s reasons we don’t understand
But He gave us seasons to show
His chosen’s return when they approach
For one last time, the foe.

Know that we are part of the plan                                                                          Stand safe, confident
Do your best.  Do all you can.                                                                                   He will show us what He meant.

Follow His commands and show His love
Each moment in His Son’s light
Instead of darkness.  Like His people
To the end, keep up the fight.

Copyright 2017 margaretportergriffin

Image result for fig tree

A fig tree.  http://www.copiosa.org



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