Seek the face of God before His hand

When talking with Him, was His Son’s command

Before you blurt what you’d like Him to do

Acknowledge His Power and Greatness, and


Remember the models in Matthew and Luke

Put there to help us, not to rebuke

A concerted effort to “pray like this”

Putting God’s work before man’s work.


Begin with a scripture, take time to praise

Definitions, declarations up to Him raise

Let God know you understand who He is

Fronting the battles He already knows.


Ask that Comforter comfort you

He will cover and fill if you choose to

He once shook a building, but filled the souls

Who would leave the place, traveling through


The European landscape.  What is His will?

What should we do?  It is still

The same, two millennia from then

We have a Great Commission to fulfill.


Make disciples and share His grace

Bold and unashamed, embrace

Without reservation of any kind

Ask Him to enable your body and mind.


Photo: The Garden of Gethsemane in Jerusalem, where Jesus prayed.





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