Galatians 5: 4-6; Matthew 23:13; Luke 6: 1-11; Daniel 7:13

We believe.
We love.
We act.


Find what to do for others
Forget the human rules
Are people hungry, are they sick?
Go to them, unlike fools


Who delay because of custom,
Self-righteousness, or law
It will obstruct the way to heaven
To fall to this great flaw.


The disciples, in a grain field
Picking heads of wheat
Rubbed kernels on the Sabbath Day
To have some food to eat.


The Son of Man declared that
Of the Sabbath He was head
He referred to David in God’s house
Sharing holy bread.


This didn’t follow mishna
Or what the leaders taught
Their concern was not the people,
But what each other thought.


Did the Pharisees love God?
Were their actions holy, pure?
No, concerned about themselves,
They shut the kingdom’s door.


The facade of looking righteous
Came first, to God’s dismay
Not sacrifice, but mercy
Should have been shown that day.


Their learned eyes were clouded
Absorbed in judging men
Instead of showing Jesus’ heart
It was easier to condemn.


“His dominion will not go away…
It will never be destroyed.”
And if God is exalted
This will fill all void.


When we love our neighbors as ourselves:
Sharing sorrows, joys, needs
We will be the ones whom
The Holy Spirit feeds.


Compassion is the only thing that really counts.




Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, child and outdoor

Food for the Hungry; Ameya, Nicaragua


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