Deuteronomy 6: 4

Group 1:
Where are God’s commandments?
On whom should we impress them?
When should we discuss them?
How should we tie them?
Where should we bind them?


Group 2:
On our hearts.
Our children.
At home and on the road.
Lying down and getting up.
On our hands and foreheads.



We will tell our children
We will pass on our faith
In Him.

They will know God
Because they see His name on our gates
And doors.


Left at the edge of the Promised Land

Israel’s children heard Moses

Tell them again of the grandeur of God

The only One.


That they should love Him with all of their hearts
Soul and strength, endless length
Obeying Him would set them apart
Believing in His promise.

By His covenant they should live
From His Commandments never stray
Or like other nations
Be given to sin.


So speak of the Lord at night and before

Tie His words to your hands and your door

Resting, walking, sitting, talking

And your children will remember.


Copyright 2017 margaretportergriffin


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