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Genesis 13: 10-18

Did God give men rights when He created?
It has been discussed and often debated
A nation founded by God-fearing men
Who acknowledged the One who endowed them
With certain rights, inalientated
That life and liberty not be abated
We’re supposed to be free.


And the rights named, in a document, a bill
What are those, and whose will?
Should we be able to meet, bear arms,
Speak out about ill-meaning leaders with charms?
Go back to Abraham, the patriarch
Examine decisions that made a mark
On history.


Abraham desired to do what was right
He gave in to his kin, not wanting to fight
For the better land with a wealthier yield
And took his own tents to less fertile fields.
He trusted only in God’s wisdom
Moving his tents where the Father told him
Faith, not fight.


We can learn from Abraham, who found
What would be his descendants’ ground
Before there was even one child, one birth
Their number foretold as the dust of the earth
Abraham believed what the Lord said
Honoring Him at all times, good and bad
In the end, more important than any right.


Copyright 2017 margaretportergriffin



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