Luke 24: 13 — 49


On the road to Emmaus

A seven mile walk

My companion and I

Began to talk


Of the week past.

Incomprehensible loss

A man, a prophet,

Put to death on a cross.


But it was not final

That terrible crime

For he rose again

In three day’s time.


From living to dead

Back to living He went

A miracle unheard of

Without precedent.


A stranger joined us

On our way

Asking about

The events of the day.


I couldn’t believe it

“Have you not heard?”

Jesus of Nazareth,

Powerful in word


And deed —

Was betrayed

By our own leaders and priests!

He stayed


In the jail overnight

Then was tried in a court

Early in the day

So none could report


To us, his friends.

We hoped he was the One

Who had come to redeem

Abraham’s sons.


“You are foolish,” he said

And slow to believe,”

He insisted our thinking

Was clearly naive.


“The promised Messiah

Had to suffer,” he informed us

Moses, the Prophets, and Scripture

All told thus.


We invited him to eat

Stay as our guest

Break bread with us

At Emmaus.


The eleven were circled

As he passed out the bread

Blessed it and all of a sudden

We said


“It is Jesus!”


I walked that road

I am Cleopas




Copyright 2017 margaretportergriffin


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