Just when you think, “How can something so sad happen to a person?” there comes another of her experiences that makes you chuckle.  It isn’t irreverence.  It isn’t comic relief.  It’s just the way life has been served.

Christy Cabe has sorted through what she has been served so far in Brownie Crumbs and Other Morsels: Savoring Life Through Heartache, Joy, and the Moments in Between.  The memoir goes on sale April 25 on Amazon in paperback and electronic form.

After a contented early childhood across from a brick church where her father was pastor, Christy suddenly lost her mother from undetected heart arrhythmia.  At eleven, she says she had to “make myself pull shirts over my swirling head and down over my broken heart.”  Then she came to the point of eating the last brownie in the pan her mom had made just before she died.

She held it in her hand “as if it were made of glass and could shatter with the slightest motion,” and reveals that that one moment represents the way she lives.  Whether celebrating or mourning, she’s been able to find value in the crumbs.

With references to Scripture which helped along the way, she reminisces of junior high and high school after her dad’s remarriage.  Then on to college, courtship, marriage, and a family of her own.  These are well-told, animated stories: playing on the basketball team, giggling at the airport with other girls bound for a missions trip, making payments on her two-door Dodge at the bank drive-through window.  It’s glimpse of a family grounded in their faith in God, and parents teaching their kids in the way they should go.

She separates the morsels (sometimes ruefully) with mature insight.  A few of them:

  • “When change rocks your world, when death stings, live anyway.  God offers strength and hope for the living.”
  • “Tomorrow’s peace can’t be bottled today.  It won’t stay fresh.”
  • “God loves me even when I don’t feel it or understand.  And His love is enough.”

She and her husband were whacked with a terrible blow, their two year-old son’s diagnosis with leukemia.  As they slowly made their way through the tests and spinal taps and medicines, she discovered more truths she could share.  Going back to church in a regular routine was very important — facing people, facing fears.  And two more children, daughters, joined their family.

Cabe’s style appears effortless.  She is a gifted writer who knows how to identify with readers and build a detailed story with the occasional surprise ending.  Observations made at a young age have morphed into tools for writing this 200-page book.

Also a Bible curriculum writer and editor, she concludes with jumping off points for reader discussion.  Though this is her first book, it easily passes for one in the middle of a successful author’s collection.  It will offer encouragement to individuals, clubs and study groups, and we wait eagerly for the next one.

For information on speaking engagements and book signings, visit http://www.christycabe.com, where the author’s blog, Ten Blue Eyes, dishes out more life tales and insight.



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