John 10:27, Romans 8:29

God has a firm hold on us
Before we were born it was thus
It is His plan.

He knew we’d sin, daughters and sons
And created grace to provide for the ones
Who fell.

Who does that mean?
Well, all who have seen
Trials and temptations.

“I fell!” you say.
“Well,” He replies, “I’m ready
For that.”

“Obey me — get on track
I forgive, so ask to come back
To My Ways.”

Obey?  Do we have to?
But we find it’s what we want to do
We’re free.

I want to please Him.

I say, “No one can steal me away”

No one holds me except God.


photo: coastline of the Salt Sea, Israel

Copyright 2017 margaretportergriffin


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