What comes first is that God is
We have to begin from there
We belong to him; we are His
Amazingly, all in His care.

I wish each one would acknowledge it —
The world could be content
Knowing the Father has a plan,
Not questioning what He meant.

I will not say, “What if God isn’t?”
I cannot entertain
It makes no sense at all to think so small
Because without God, you just can’t explain.

The evidence is seen in Scripture
Oh, that more people would read it
When you take time to study His Word
You see more and more reasons to heed it.

That’s not saying it isn’t hard
To bear things in life that are grim
But the One who made us loves us and
We will be in Heaven with Him.

We’re on earth to learn to worship
And praise the Trinity
The Son, the Spirit, the Father —
There is no one greater than He.

First of all, God is.


Copyright 2017 margaretportergriffin


Photo: Looking out at Jerusalem from the top of the city wall.


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