Luke 22, 23

Futile case

Spurred by men

To try the Son of God


Finding guilt

In Him they tried

And would not stop

Until He died

To make the point

Of God blasphemed

The men against His own Son


Over, over

And over, they said

He’s an imposter

We want Him dead

How many?  Seven?

Seven times

Led to the judgement

Of no crimes

The leaders should have

Called Him Lord

But they betrayed

Called for the sword

That soldiers bring Him

To their court

Then priests and scribes

Came up short

They could not trick Him

Into saying

He was God.

They were playing

A game

He did not answer who He was

They would, though,



Highest Sacrifice

Must give Himself

To pay our price.


Copyright 2017 margaretportergriffin


Image result for house of caiaphas high priest The House of Caiaphas, the high priest, in Jerusalem.


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