“Simon,” said Christ twice, emphasizing

“Satan asked to sift you like wheat,”

He prayed the disciples’ faith would not fail

After washing their dust-covered feet.


The ruler should serve his subjects

Waiters greater than their lead

Reward would come at a later time

The plant, after the seed.


The twelve would judge the twelve

Tribes from each of their thrones

Like the prophet Ezekiel had seen,

A nation resurrected of bones.


But Simon was sorely tested

In the hour when need was the most

He denied he knew the Son of God

Leader of Heavenly Hosts.


Once, twice, and again!

How could he do it?  Why?

Simon Peter refused to believe

He would ever His King deny.


Why, he’d trail his Master to prison

Or to death if it were required

And not then, but much later in time

The vow finally transpired.


Faith tested.  Not conquered.  Intact

Jesus explained it must be so

He gave them a visible, audible sign

Distinct: a rooster’s crow.


Before leaving the room Jesus told them

They would from then on provide

Supply, protect their brothers

After He suffered and died.


The Scriptures foretold a new age

Messianic predictions fulfilled

After Jesus poured out “His life unto death”

His precious, holy king’s blood spilled.


And the lessons, for us, abounding

This pattern of self-centeredness

Should change, and our faith will be strengthened

In lives which God promised to bless.


Copyright 2017 margaretportergriffin


Photo: The Church of All Nations at the Garden of Gethsemane



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