Proverbs 22:9, Matthew 25:35, 2 Corinthians 9:9, I Timothy 6:18-19

In appreciation of our friends at Food for the Hungry

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Look at the face, joy evident

Of a beautiful child, heaven-sent

To parents who care but can’t provide

Enough on which to subside.


We can take opportunity

To help ones in poverty

In a landscape far away from here

So hunger will not be something to fear.


Saving up a lot of stuff

In a cache, never enough

Will never be real treasure

For it uses an opposite measure.


What matters is relationship

Discovered by people on a trip

To a place hot, arid, and poor

Where the norm is to live on a dirt floor.


They give back to us,

Our spiritual hunger satisfied thus.

They love unconditionally

And our needs are met to a higher degree.


“I was hungry and you fed me,” they said

“You fed me,” we answer instead

An honor forever our deeds will be

This is what sets us free.


Copyright 2017 margaretportergriffin


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