Jesus had preached for a time

In his hometown, and in Galilee

Thousands were coming to hear

The words that would set the world free.


One of those days, on a mountain,

He stood at a level place

And began calling apostles

To carry God’s message of grace.


Followers from Judea, Tyre and Sidon

And Jerusalem: those troubled, in pain

Heard as he called twelve apostles

He’d asked the Father to name.


He looked at the crowd, and said that

The poor and the hungry were blessed

And those who cried and were hated

Would have Heaven for their final rest.


But the hunger was not of the body

The suffering, not physical pain

The poverty not lack of money

The hate not about human gain.


He was speaking about the spirit

Our eternal self, our soul

That if we listen to God and His Word

He will make our beings whole.


We can do nothing to make us deserve it

We cannot get it by being “good”

Abba, Father gives forgiveness

Earn it?  No one could.


He wants us to humble ourselves

Give in, and hunger for Him

Build a daily relationship

Make a light glowing, not dim.


We are dirty, and ragged, with nothing

That He can use.  So let’s let it go

God, author of grace undeserved!

Are you called?  Let the world know.


Copyright 2016 margaretportergriffin



By the Sea of Galilee


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