(Exodus 26)

A little tree on lifeless sand

Provided the wood

To be cut by hand

To last four hundred years


In the Tabernacle.

God directed, Himself, the way to build:

How long, wide, and high;

What to bronze and gild


For the holy place.

A sacred space where

Linen divided

Separated man


From his Maker.

The wood of the tree

Was strong, dense,

Indestructibly free.


All who had it, brought it

To the builders

Who wrought

God’s House.


The acacia tree.

Chosen by the Creator

For the Ark of the Covenant and Tabernacle

Where He stayed.


Copyright 2016 margaretportergriffin


Photos: An acacia tree and reconstruction of the Tabernacle, in the desert of Israel.




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