“Why look for the living among the dead?”

“He is not here!” the pulsing voice said.

Drawn to the tomb in the early hour

The women saw proof of God’s glorious power.


The temple rebuilt at the end of three days?

How could they fathom a dead man would raise?

His followers knew when they met Him again

With the Scripture fulfilled for the sake of all men.


Agonized, tortured, mocked till the last

Christ bore our burden, our sin; cleared our past

He asks from us now our devotion to Him

To His Father and ours, until our days dim.


Part of the Three in One comforts and stays

With our spirit, the Spirit will number our days

We need to reiterate words that were said

Two millennia past: “He is not dead!”


He lives!  He’s here!  He’ll never depart

From the indigent soul in the core of the heart

Jesus rose, is not deadand never will be

Lives always, again — forever, in me!


Copyright 2016 margaretportergriffin







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