Oasis.  A cave, a place to hide

A man maneuvers far inside

To save himself from hunters.


Chased by 3,000, his shield is God

He waits for those who want his blood

To depart.


They also require rest

And find the same place suits a guest

Of the highest mortal rank.


Saul, oblivious of his foe

Enters now and does not know

How near death he is.


So close a cut of garment made

The hunted has a chance to raid

His enemy.


The king goes free, knowing naught

Until the hunted gives it thought

And cries out to his lord.


“My hand will not against you be!”

Though your life could have by me

Been ended.


Saul weeps because knows

What has transpired: David chose

To honor him.


“You repaid my evil with good!”

The king finally understood

Why David would be Israel’s leader.


But David, much later, tried to hide

An indiscreetness with his bride

Before their marriage.


He betrayed Uriah, his close friend

Devising for him a violent end

To cover up the circumstances.


This time David had no redress

God, of course, had known the mess

Evil repaid for good.


This time there was no place to go

For Yahweh knew, will always know

What His servants do.


On both occasions David hid

We see consequences of what he did

And learn the lesson.


Copyright 2016 margaretportergriffin


Photo: En Gedi, the oasis where David hid from King Saul


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