(Genesis 21: 1-21)

The eyes of God see all
What we lift up, how we fall
We behold Him being great
The only, Holy One, “I Am.”
Trinity.  Father, Spirit, Lamb.
So how, to Him, can we rate?

Look to the Word for a reply
Read of those who would try
By faith, to please Yahweh.
Tempted, and with struggles hit
They were willing to commit
And fight the fight, come what may.

Abraham obeyed.  He did not wait
To accomplish what would be his fate
Sending son, water, food
To the desert, where Hagar cried.
As if the boy’d already died,
An end he would elude.

And instead became a bowman strong
With a family.  It was not long
Until his sons were twelve, a nation.
They numbered many, the people
From the man named Ishmael
Also part of God’s creation.

Great?  In Yahweh’s eyes?
It is possible. Believe in His plan
It proves the woman or the man.
His Mercy.

Everyone can.


Copyright 2015 margaretportergriffin

Photo: palm trees at Capernaum in Israel


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