Numbers 11: 29; Mark 3: 29, John 16: 7, I Corinthians 2: 13, 6: 19 & 12: 4; John 14: 25, Galatians 5: 16, Romans 8: 29, Ephesians 4: 29

I don’t understand it, but I do believe it

The Father Son and Spirit

Are One.

One the same as three — the Holy Spirit will be

An advocate for me

Till earth’s life is done.

The Spirit is our guide — no need to try and hide

From evil on each side

We face the foe.

God completes His work in us through the Spirit whom we trust

Consistently we must


When we don’t know what to say, the Comforter is in the fray

Interceding day to day

For weak and broken people.

As we submit our will to Him, He relieves us of our sin

He wants most to live within

And fill us.

I will never grieve Him for I’ve been sealed for redemption

I shudder at the unforgiveable sin

Of rejecting His cure.

They love me so much; I can feel each touch

I am in their clutch

I am sure.

Copyright 2015 margaretportergriffin

Photo: Church of the Beatitudes, Galilee


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