Genesis 14: 1-8

In the very first battle described in God’s Word
Power and greed were revealed as absurd
A king stole his kin, Abraham learned
And risked all he had to have him returned.

Pursuing the army with very few men
He brought back the property, people, and then
Praised God for bringing his foes to his hands
And gave the priest one-tenth the fruit of his lands.

Melchizedek, Salem’s king, brought wine and bread
Saying, “Blessed be Abraham and Praise to God”
But instead of claiming rights of victory
Abraham set standards for all to see.

When the king came to offer the patriarch loot
He would not take even one strap from a boot
He refused to be tempted by anyone
And was ready to act so God’s will would be done.

Am I?  Are you?


Copyright 2015 margaretportergriffin


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