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Proverbs 11: 24

In the eastern half of the ancient world

Two seas shimmer, water unswirled

Each eschews beauty, each appears calm

One gives nothing; the other, balm.


The Salt Sea is large but keeps what’s inside

No nourishment, not one speck from any tide

Boats can’t stay upright above its deep reaches

The landscape is barren beside briny beaches.


Its hoarding is poison and lets nothing live

Surrounded by death, refusing to give

Stagnant and shrinking, to itself it will keep

In the absence of life, God’s children will weep.


Then, to the north lies the Galilee

What it gets from the Jordan, it passes out, free

Enveloped by life, its generous state

Assures a bright future, a productive fate.


Miles in the distance lie the consequences

Of the gifts of Gennesaret, plain to the senses

Verdant and green are the valleys and hills

Far away from the source their new life spills.


“One man gives freely, yet gains even more”

His world will expand through his open door

But the one who holds back limits his space

Selfishness too soon will beauty erase.


Which do you choose to be?  Which way is best?

Will giving or getting keep you refreshed?

Which water moves, and which is stagnanted?

In Whose Image was all of mankind created?


Copyright 2015 margaretportergriffin


With thanks to Pastor Dennis Miller for his comparison of the two seas and its application.


Photos: Top, landscape of the Sea of Galilee; Bottom, landscape of the Dead Sea.







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