(Acts 3: 1-10)

A man at the gate

Every day

Was placed on the ground

In the people’s way.


He hoped that, there,

He’d draw some pity

From wealthy ones

Who came into the city.


Silver and gold

Was what he asked

But not what he needed –

That was masked.


Peter and John

Went through the gate

Considered the beggar

And changed his fate.


God’s power transformed him

So he could stand

And walk the first time

Like any man.


He asked for money

But received much more

And, then, rejoicing,

He praised the Lord.


When you see others

Asking for change

Do you want to help them

Succeed long-range?


If you do, remember

What truly assists:

It won’t be coins

From a flick of our wrists.


But relationships

That they can form

With the right people steering them

Close up, and warm.


Getting right with the Lord

Finding His path

Instead of consistently

Drawing His wrath.


Give a hand, help them up!

Let them know

Of those who’ll help them,

In places you know.


God has provided

The means and the way

For us to make a difference

Every day.


Copyright 2016 margaretportergriffin


Photo: the Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem










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