Luke 15: 11-32

The older son mad, but his his father, glad

The younger son given a robe, shoes, and ring

Celebration thrown, delegation sent out

“The fatted calf roasted — we will eat, dance, and sing!”

Why would he do it?  The young man raked through it:

His share of inheritance, family estate

Wasted so fast, impossible to last

Feeding pigs for a farmer had become his fate.

The boy returned, lesson learned

He would say he had sinned against Heaven and Father,

Who couldn’t wait as he come through the gate,

Running to welcome him back as no other.





Did I get!  Or a coat!”

The older brother complained to his dad

“I worked for you hard all these years not transgressing

Why celebrate now and act like you’re glad?”

“All I have is yours, it is true,” you know this

His father said, “Here, on our ancestors’ ground.

But your brother, dead, is alive instead

Squandered all, and was lost, but now has been found!”

There is on this earth no man who can judge

Those who have erred and then repented

The Father will do what needs to be done

No matter what words and deeds have been vented.

“Not even a goat!” rose from his throat

He thought he’d been taken advantage of.

The objection, “Not fair!” thrown out to the air —

Was inconsequential compared to God’s love.

He needed to follow his brother’s lead

Instead of taking the scene as a threat

Forgiven?  The prodigal was, right away

When he returned and showed his regret.

Be wary of placing a judgment on others

For life manifests in ways hard to endure

Trust in the Father, the only One

Who truly can see if a heart is pure.

Copyright 2015 margaretportergriffin


Photo: Nazareth Village near the town of Nazareth, Israel.



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