DSCN2458(Luke 7: 1-10)

A man in authority knows his command
Will be followed. Those beneath him understand
And trust him.

Some men were sent by such a one
From Capernaum, a centurion
Whose servant neared death.

The Roman, they reasoned, was their friend
He loved their nation, and to that end
Had built the synagogue.

He could have sent soldiers, but did not
The servant’s healing was what he sought
He believed.

The elders came to Christ, and pleaded
It was proper, they said, to do what was needed
They owed it to the man.

Then the centurion sent friends to say he didn’t deserve
To meet the Healer and ask to preserve
The servant’s life.

“Say the word,” was the message he gave
He knew Jesus could keep his servant from the grave
Because of who He was.

“‘Go,’ or ‘Come,’ or ‘Do this,’ I say, and
Because of authority men obey
My words.”

Jesus turned, looked over the crowd
Showed His amazement, at once, out loud
At the trust of the outsider.

Faith this great, even in Israel
He’d never found, and went on to heal
The dying man.

Who is welcomed by our Lord?
Both insiders and outsiders may afford
To join the family.

We must first understand the meaning of
Our Savior’s mercy and His love.
“Say the word.”


Copyright 2015 margaretportergriffin


Photo: The synagogue at Capernaum,”Town of Jesus.”



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