(Hebrews 1:14, Joshua 5:14, Isaiah 6:2, Acts 12:15, Matthew 13:49, Luke 1:19, Hebrews 13:2, Revelation 5:11)

Mighty army led by God
Beings of Heaven on this sod
Some bring news while others fight
Some protect and guard the right.

Heavenly host misunderstood.
Unlike models carved of wood
Some with wings, some without
Fulfilling orders all about.

In God’s presence angels stand
Poised to visit heathen land
Invisible or human form
Descending helpers, friendly storm.

They announced the Savior’s birth
As one voice, “Peace on Earth!”
But in end times, the task most sad
Separating good from bad.

Mighty army led by God
Host of Heaven sent to this sod
Tens of thousands multiplied
Stand with Yahweh, hell denied.


Copyright 2015 margaretportergriffin


Photo: A rock formation in Israel suggests to me the strength of angels.


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