(Romans 14: 1-13)

“What” doesn’t matter as much as “who”
So many things can be disputed
Our direction is to love the Lord
This will never, ever be refuted.

Treat each day special for His sake
Eat, or not, but not on a whim
Speak, or refrain from it —
In everything, glorify Him.

The customs of this earth
May prove futile times seven
God will take care of judging others
He will, in His time, in Heaven.

Look to the Scriptures to discern
What it is He says is wrong
Being careful that you don’t throw out
A block for another to stumble upon.

“None of us lives to himself alone
And none of us dies to himself alone.”
Romans 14:7

God is God; God is Love. Love God.


Copyright 2015 margaretportergriffin


Photo: Capernaum, where Jesus spent most of His ministry.


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