“Go tell it on the mountain…”

“I love to tell the story…”

The memory’s ingrained phrases share

Christ’s incarnate glory.


It was the wonderfully worthy news

The world had waited for!

Jesus breathed his humble first

God wrapped in flesh: our Savior.


I sing the songs about Him

But how often do I tell?

With this mercy for our souls

I should be as a ringing bell.


“Ascribe to the Lord His greatness”

Also means to His Son

And to our helper, Holy Spirit

The Godhead Three in One.


Christmas is a time of joy

When friends and families visit.

Without a whisper of the Christ,

What kind of worship is it?


“Fear not, I am with you,”

He will help with what to say

If you have made plain your faith

And seek the Christian way.


Bear witness to the baby

Who changed our lives one night

He would grow up to be sacrificed

And become our guiding light.


In the comfort of this season

With its beautiful surround

Do tell about God’s love for us

Yahweh, who touched the ground.


Copyright 2015 margaretportergriffin


Photo: Bethlehem, just outside the city of Jerusalem.





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