Genesis 22

“Where is the lamb? Isaac asked
“God will provide it,” came the answer, unmasked
The faith required by Abraham was large.
As the son looked into the father’s eyes
There was no fear, no surprise
Each believed in the one in charge.

Beside the altar, on a mountain they stood
Abraham planning a fire with wood
That Isaac had carried on his back.
In his hand he gripped a knife
Ready to use, to take his son’s life
Of his trust in God, there was no lack.

Soon it would be an unthinkable scene.
God would do this? What did He mean?
The violent slayng of flesh of one’s flesh.
Abraham didn’t question why
Keeping to the directions he began by.
With no fear or notion of redress.

A father lifted his son to the stage
Tied so he couldn’t, but wouldn’t engage
In protest.
Both knew
There was something greater than what they could do
Leaving this to God was best.

At the moment of anguish, the true test of faith
A ram appeared in the brush to replace
The human sacrifice.
The LORD’S angel, to Abraham’s joy,
Called out, “Do not lay a hand on the boy!”
And saved him from paying the ultimate price.

“Henini! I’m here!” Abraham said
When he could have desisted, resisted or fled.
The Lord will provide
Was the lesson unflawed.
Isaac trusted Abraham; Abraham trusted God.
How strong is your faith? You will decide.


Copyright 2015 margaretportergriffin


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