DSCN3049(Luke 6: 37-45, James 3:11)

Press down the grain, showing,
Shaking, filling the measure
To overflowing
Into your lap.

What you give
Comes back
Telling how you live
Is it above, or just even with, the rim?

People err
So blatantly that it seems intentional
Causing some to glare
And judge quickly.

But no, forgive
Because the Lord forgave first.
Like Jesus, live
Taking the board out of your eye.

A good tree’s fruit is good
And good, stored in the heart
Manifests into deeds it should
Which all may see.

Grapes coming from a brier?
A fig from thorns? They can’t
The just response begins higher
It comes from God.

Fresh and salt water don’t start at the same spring
Make your words and actions fresh
Not judgmental, but forgiving
Like the Lord’s.

Love your enemies.  In so doing
You show the heart of Jesus.


Copyright 2015 margaretportergriffin


Photo: date palm tree, Israel.



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