(Ezekiel 37: 1-3, Matthew 24: 32-34, Acts 2: 19-20)

Sights in the sky and signs below

Will show us when the time is near

Like a fig which starts to bloom

His coming, finally, will be here.

Ezekiel saw a heap of bones

Piled deep in valley land

And beloved Israel transformed

Deftly by the Maker’s hand.

God bringing back the lifeless limbs

Breathing Spirit through them then

A nation, home, in her own land

A force to reckon with again.

Should we fear?  Our Shepherd King

Ever watching over all

Has told us that the final days

Will signal Satan’s second fall.

God loved so much He gave His Son

Who rescued us from sin and Hell

End times began as He left Earth

And rose to Heaven where He would dwell.

The reasons we can’t understand

But trust God to direct, and show

Christ’s return, when He will face

One last time the heinous foe.

Our Father controls — be confident

We will see what’s been His plan

Know Israel is a part of it

Do your best, because you can.

Keep His commands, show His love,

Spend all your minutes in His light

Run from darkness, and like Israel

Own always the courageous fight.

Photo: Megiddo Valley in Israel


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