(Genesis 22:1-19, James 2: 21-24)

Abraham believed the truth God told

In the book of Genesis, the story of old

His faith was just the beginning part

A place not to stop, but rather, to start.

The patriarch trusted, without understanding

Why it was Isaac God was demanding

His trust in no way on self would depend —

Abraham acted, and God called him friend.

Though it meant risking the life of his son,

Abraham had faith in the Almighty One,

Turned his back on what he might have controlled,

And showed who he was with a move more than bold.

So it was that The Great I Am

Tested his obedient servant, Abraham

Then blessed his line with a new nation

The chosen people of His creation.

Today, we dare not greet others, “Be clothed and fed!”

That is evidence our faith is dead.

We must rather justify what we believe in

And get busy, the world not to grieve in.

Faith needs to be active; it should be alive

So look for those who need help to thrive,

Spending time in prayer to ask for direction

Always ready to share His perfect affection.

I want God to call me His friend.

Don’t you? Today? And in the end?

In the circle of faith Abraham completed,

Sin, Death and Satan, all — are defeated.

Photo: Temple Mount, Jerusalem


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