(Proverbs 3:13, 5:23, 13:24; Col. 3:21)


As I wonder at the wonder of God

I realize how a facade

On the part of parents for their children

Can lead to journeys flawed.


Discipline lacked, folly gained

So what if the small offender complained?

Better that authority has set the bounds

Than abstained.


Early in a child’s life

Patterns begun by husband and wife

Correcting with love, careful and swift

Avoids later strife.


“Firm, but kind,” must persist

Or opportunities will be missed

Show in your home the wisdom of God

Quarreling?  Desist.


Correct your progeny with love

Follow the example of the One above

Trust in our Maker, for He knows all

Do it because — He said so.


(Photo: 1800s hornbook in Collins School; Fremont, Indiana)


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